Saturday, April 11, 2009

Not easy to wrestling of make-up female

According to the British "Daily Mail" reports website: Sheng makeup every time a woman traveling husband would probably not happy, but the make-up is able to make them less wrestling.

Researchers at the University of St. Etienne in France found that Mr lipstick, wipe Blush make-up procedures such as routine and stretching exercises can play a similar role, you can increase the body's balance and coordination.

Researchers of 100 women 65-85 years of age were studied. They are required to wear a measure of its gravity center of the body of the insole, which can be worn to monitor the position of the belt on his body. It was found that the female body makeup every day balance better, healthier body, less the number of wrestling.

Study leader Dr. Teresa Pino Pago, make-up of women and non-standing position not the same make-up of women, their posture is more straight, but also less wrestling.

Before the study also found that practicing yoga can also be the prevention of elderly wrestling. Two months of practice can effectively improve muscle strength, improve balance and stretch the body and reduce the number of wrestling and fractures.

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