Sunday, April 12, 2009

"Monday syndrome" has been changed to Tuesday

People always think that the greatest pressure on Monday, office workers, and even "Monday syndrome" theory. However, according to "The Times of India" reported that the United Kingdom, a new survey shows that, in fact, a week, and Tuesday, people feel the greatest pressure, and 11:45 am that day to reach the highest level of pressure.

The adults involved in the 3000 British survey showed that, for a long time, it is the reason that the worst on Monday, because they play in your leisure over the weekend, by Monday, "fun" yet to fully recover, so, working hours difficult to focus on energy, social networking site to go to work when the log in to enjoy the weekend gathering of photos and so on, confused and "pass" on Monday.After the discovery on Tuesday had to face "more serious" reality: First of all, must be completed on Monday delayed a lot of work; followed must arrange tasks throughout the week.

Survey shows that nearly half of British workers feel that the week of the second working day around noon, the greatest pressure, but pressure will continue until the end of the day. In addition, the survey also found that the week of Tuesday, the largest at the possibility of overtime.

According to the British "Daily Telegraph" reported that the UK's top nutrition experts and food Fiona • Hunter said the pressure to make people work irregular diet, over time will lead to indigestion and other issues, thereby endangering the health of the body. She suggested that the pressure in the workplace, the more normal diet should be maintained, it is necessary to try to drink plenty of water, proper nutrition, and enhance immunity so as not to cause illness.

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