Sunday, April 19, 2009

Use of public transport is more conducive to weight loss

If you want to lose weight but it is lazy to gym training, then the normal maximum use of public transport would be a good choice. Canadian researchers recently pointed out that the regular use of public transport person trips than others slim chance of big 3-fold.

According to United Press International reported that the 4156 study on the situation of urban residents do travel statistics. Experts point out that often people take the bus trip just the way of life in line with the standards recommended by relevant experts, that is, five days a week, 30 minutes per day of light physical activity, and those who frequently travel by car is not per person days of the exercise intensity should be.

To participate in the research of the University of British Columbia, Canada Frank Lawrence said, "go to the gym every day to maintain training intensity of view is wrong", a simple walk can enable people to achieve the purpose of physical exercise. Frank also pointed out that compared to large-scale construction to build health facilities, to reduce the cost of public transport and other incentives to encourage people to use public transport policy is the efficiency of the people.

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