Thursday, April 30, 2009

Swine influenza induced factors which should be how to prevent?

The emergence of human influenza and animal influenza virus cases linked to, and this has been confirmed in the laboratory lead to the outbreak of the virus is subtype swine influenza virus A/H1N1 is a never before appeared in human and pig have been a new type of swine influenza virus; of human infection with swine flu epidemic outbreaks in a number of communities; incidence for young and middle-aged crowd, and not susceptible to seasonal flu - the elderly and children, which is very similar to human avian influenza. WHO and the United States to Mexico of the emerging epidemic of human infection with swine influenza to a high degree of concern. Pathological changes in swine influenza, mainly in respiratory pathological changes. Nose, pharynx, larynx, trachea and bronchial mucosal hyperemia, swelling, thick covered the surface of the liquid, small bronchi and bronchioles filled bubble-like exudate. Pleural, pericardial cavity substantial accumulation of the slurry mixed with cellulose. Lung disease often occurred in the leaf tip, leaf, middle leaf, leaf diaphragm at the bottom of the back and base with a clear surrounding tissue boundaries, colors, from red to purple, collapse, firm, leathery toughness, spleen enlargement, neck lymph nodes, mediastinal lymph nodes, bronchial lymph nodes juicy.

What preventive measures?
Influenza virus is mainly spread through the air and contacts, so when coughing or sneezing should cover the mouth, the nose; as a result of influenza virus can often be in some daily necessities to survive the surface for some time and should therefore wash their hands, but also regular daily use of alcohol for disinfection . In addition, as little as possible to the local people, but also reduce the probability of infection is an effective way. Finally, if found infected, the patient should try to avoid going out in order to prevent the transmission of the virus to others. Animal husbandry and veterinary experts have pointed out that the summer high season is the swine flu season, if not prevention, is likely caused by the disease outbreak.

Induced factors
Caused by swine flu epidemic occurred and induced a number of factors, generally can be summarized into three aspects: First, human factors, and the other is the weather factor, and the third is environmental factors.

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my friend's sis passed away a few days ago cuz doc did not kow what was it and here we are in the midst of madness!

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