Friday, April 17, 2009

Bad mood will help upgrade the memory

Australian researchers to a new study shows that good or bad feelings will have an impact on the level of human memory. Lead to bad or cold weather, when people feel bad, memory is often better; fine weather will be a good feeling distracted people become forgetful.

Agence France-Presse reported that the University of New South Wales researchers to toy guns, can save 10 items on a store counter, when consumers leave the store and ask if they can see the types of goods. Research Team Leader Joseph said that in the cold, windy and rainy day and play classical music environment, tested the number of consumer goods is to remember at the time of fine weather 3 times. "We found that (bad) weather the negative emotions can improve the accuracy of memory," he wrote in the study report, "consumers in a bad mood is not only a better memory, higher resolution." Joseph further analysis of the reasons that help to focus the attention of the bad feelings, so that thinking becomes more thorough and careful; and sunny weather will be a good feeling distracted at the same time it is self-confidence to become forgetful. He said that the study results show that the "emotional role" will be introduced into the legal, medical and forensic identification of such areas in order to help employees work better.

The study published in the latest issue of "experimental social psychology" journals.

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