Monday, April 13, 2009

Women thinking sex longer than men

Men want an average one-time six minutes, a man born with a strong sexual desire than women ... ... have been taken for granted that on the sex life of men than women rising enthusiasm. However, the Internet giant, according to the United Kingdom "last minute" has done a survey, women spend every day thinking of sex more than men.

This subversion of the traditional concept of the 4000 survey was carried out by British residents. Survey shows that both men and women, all in a day most of the time, are thinking about work-related things.Comparatively speaking, however, more re-dedication of the men, they should take advantage of every day thinking 10 hours of work-related things, and only 150 minutes for thinking and sex-related issues; women work every day to consider the time average for 8.5 hours, and the thinking and the problem of sex-related spending 180 minutes.

Careful analysis of the findings of the survey, many men have told us that, it is clear this is not the nature of men and women have to change. Women are "the feelings of animals," thinking to derive directly from the experience of love. Them to think more in a day is spent with a partner how beautiful leisure time, not just sex.

Men become less "sex" to exuberant, mainly the result of intense competition. Experts to a man made specific recommendations for appropriate decompression: men should strike a balance between career and family and learn to like women, in the work of intermittent missing family members also enjoy the fun. Put in the desk Zhang family photos, set up on a computer screen lover's head, not only for their work is a balance of family harmony is also a very good help.

Take the initiative to the attention of men to share feelings with their families. Home as much as possible, relax, immersed himself in the warmth of love with. Men should also establish their own social circle of the same sex to enjoy the mutual support between friends, to reduce the cause of the pressure, so that their enthusiasm for the restoration of the family very helpful.

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