Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Four errors of sex , you have committed it?

Even the most experienced female will be guilty of these four errors of sex, take a look at what they are:
Four errors of sexError 1: Men will not disguise the climax.

Survey found that 25% of men will camouflage the climax, even in a time when oral sex. Yes, they will not disguise ejaculation, but they will moan and camouflage their actions. This is because the female, they will be exhausted, there is pressure or simply can not be achieved by the climax, but want to give partner a pleasant sexual experience.
Four errors of sexError 2. Oral sex 100 percent safe.

The spread of AIDS through oral sex is unlikely, but not necessarily a sexually transmitted diseases may be, such as gonorrhea and herpes. The latest study found that there are six or more oral sex partners of women suffering from oral cancer more likely. Experts recommend using condoms with the protection of your scent.
Four errors of sexError 3: can not have sex when pregnant.

Unless you do not agree with your doctor to do so, or until you give birth, you can have sex. The study found that sex during pregnancy can reduce the risk of premature delivery. Some women even reached the climax during pregnancy, which may be due to changes in hormone levels. Posture is very important recommendations on the type of women.
Four errors of sexError 4: The only single women can masturbate.

The latest study found that 40% of women live with partners will be masturbation. And female masturbation and partner's sex life than the women did not masturbate more harmonious.

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