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Global Appeal tight watch baby, infant and child who is in charge of security?

If the "fated" to describe the most recent infant supplies market, it seems that can not be overemphasized.

In mid-March, Johnson and other brands of baby skin care products containing carcinogens resigned; April 2, South Korean media also exposed, including the German giant baby NUK brand, including 12 in baby powder, containing a cancer-causing asbestos materials;April 3, the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention found that the U.S. market 15 brands of infant formula milk powder, can affect the brain development that contains chemical perchlorate.

This the most secure supplies why infants and young children frequently go wrong, the safety of infants and young children who is responsible for what and how to protect?

April 1, Korea Food and Drug Safety Office of the market are sold to manufacturers as raw material powder of the 30 kinds of talcum powder talcum powder for babies and children to carry out inspections, the results of 12 kinds of products found asbestos, Germany and NUK South Korea Babyra involve such well-known brands.

It is understood that the powder in infants and young children detected asbestos from talc, which can be respiratory or skin wounds on the human body. Therefore, developed countries such as the United States and Europe beginning in 2005, infants and young children has been prohibited in the use of talcum powder products.

The "involved", although the baby powder NUK brand in Germany, but the NUK brand owners MAPA German company spokesman said, MAPA has been a long time ago the company NUK brand baby powder production of patents sold to the Korean companies.

It is understood that in fact, as early as 5 years ago, the Korean Food and Drug Safety Agency has been through external agencies report that the labor talc harm, but has not attracted sufficient attention, nor to take corresponding measures.

Japan's most stringent control additives.

Compared to not pay enough attention to South Korea, Japan and Canada for children's products on the high degree of prudential more.

In Japan, adult baby supplies slightly more expensive, especially baby food, with little price to deal with the situation. Baby food and do not add preservatives, packaging in general is very small, so as to avoid long storage time. It can be said that no additives, pure natural baby food has become the mainstream in Japan.In order to ensure the baby foods without added features, the baby food manufacturers in Japan also formed a council, they will in accordance with Japan's Food Sanitation Law, JAS law, health law, such as the promotion of the development of very strict safety standards, can not be strictly limited the use of food additives , salt and sugar to a small number of such.In addition, the containers used for children as well as the safety of other articles, Japan also has very strict requirements. Supplies such as plastic food utensils and adults use different safety standards, all companies will be in accordance with the provisions of national law-making autonomy, and consciously to ensure product safety. But in Japan, still the most popular natural wood toys, parents also feel assured that this traditional industry has been the return of the toy.

In addition to its own strict demands on the manufacturers, the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare and the relevant local government institutions, civil associations of consumers of the safety of baby products play a supervisory role. Through a sample survey of government departments to strengthen the management, the private sector to listen to consumers directly the views of consumers, once problems are detected immediately report to the government departments concerned and inform the country.

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