Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Face is the most dishonest, the language of the foot is the most reliable.

Morris, British psychologists studied and found an interesting phenomenon: "The more away from the body parts of the brain, the greater its credibility." Faces away from the brain and the most recent dishonest. We get along with others, always the most attention to their face; and we also know that other people also pay attention to us the same way. Therefore, people are lying by a smile knit the brows. And then look down, hands at the center of the human body, honesty is still the golden mean, how many people lie it said. Feet away from the brain, however, the vast majority of people can not attend to this site, so that it more than the face, hands much more honest. It constitutes a people's unique psychological leak - foot language.

Just like human language, like all the other signals, the foot used to move forward in their own language, in China's rich vocabulary of the language, there are many words to describe the foot of the adjective. These adjectives describe the pace was not so much light, heavy, slow, anxious, steady, Shen, chaos and so on, as it is described in the inner or stable or imbalance; or quiet, or irritable;Or panic or a state of serenity. Person's mood is different from power walking is a different funding; the mettle of different people, walking is also a different style. The rhythm of language is a kind of foot is tapping to the rhythm of emotions, as the melody dance. "Furious" nature of the fast-paced and heavy rhythm; "announcement came Horseshoe disease" is a rhythm, a fast-paced rhythm of the light.

In addition to the foot of the language to reflect the mood of people, but also reflect the quality of people's character. If a dignified and beautiful woman walking hurriedly, heavy footsteps and chaos, we can conclude that the girl must be a character, cheerful, straightforward personality, pay attention to the enjoyment of all human eyes; the other hand seems very sturdy, it is to walk carefully way, such a person must be outside the rough of the smart people in small, he often Haofang Officer to cover up the appearance of strict rules.Psychological point to language from the feet tend to leak out. If there are people who sit down on a foot crossing Jiro that he have a sense of confrontation admit defeat. If women boldly Jiro crossing legs, said about their appearance have enough confidence that she would like to have a strong desire to show his authority. When people stand up, feet tend to move the hearts of the main or miss, or what direction to pursue.For example, there are three men to stand together, to concentrate on the face of it they talked to no one care about the beautiful girl standing on the side, but in fact not true, everyone has one foot in front of her direction. In other words, everyone pay attention to her. Their dedication is just a mask, but the truth was hidden, but their feet but their words reveal the secret.

Although the pace of people from place to place because of things vary, but everyone has their feet fixed language. We will be able to explain such a phenomenon: for those familiar with the person, you do not see people, alone or anxious or the light or heavy footsteps, or stabilized, we can determine the most likely months.

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