Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bacon sandwiches can be found to alleviate the suffering drunk.

British scientists found that the body can accelerate the metabolism of food to help people alleviate pain drunk. Among them, the bacon sandwiches very significant role.

British "Daily Telegraph" quoted University of Newcastle researchers life Erin Roberts Center, as saying: "bread high in carbohydrates, but rich in protein Bacon. These two substances will break down the amino acids necessary for human body. Therefore, to eat bread and drink Bacon will feel comfortable. "

Roberts explained: "a large number of alcohol will reduce the body's neurotransmitters. But contains a lot of bacon can promote the increase in amino acid neurotransmitter, helping people clear-headed." "Food can not absorb the alcohol, but can increase metabolic rate, help to alleviate the symptoms of post-drunk," she said, "Therefore, food can make people feel better."

Roberts suggested that if bacon sandwich has failed, sleep, drink water, eat more fat content, the food a pleasant mood.

The researchers also found that the delicious bacon from which the interaction of amino acids and reducing sugar.

Roberts said: "The amino acid and reducing the temperature over 150 degrees when the Maillard reaction occurs, the release of a large number of attractive aroma. I know of three vegetarian because this scent irresistible vegetarian to break taboos." "Sandwich is a delicious fast food, which occurred in a more complex chemical reactions," she said, the response to the release of hundreds of taste, it is memorable. She said: "The smell and taste of food is closely related to, if we can not hear, things will get a different flavor of his mouth." Roberts said: "The meat is the main component of proteins and water. Protein from amino acids. But we also need some fat. Any person who has a diet weight loss all know that if we are fat in the meat are removed, the meat will taste different. We need to add some fat to flavor the meat. "

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