Friday, April 3, 2009

Mushrooms can be anti-breast cancer

Fresh mushrooms can reduce the prevalence rate of breast cancer, especially green tea, combined with betterAccording to the British "Daily Mail" reports: The latest Australian study found that consumption of a mushroom every day can reduce the prevalence rate 2/3 of breast cancer.
Experts studied more than 2000 Chinese women. One of around half of those with breast cancer, and the rest do not have mass. At such as obesity, lack of exercise and smoking cause cancer and other factors are taken into account, the experts analyzed these respondents their eating habits.
The analysis found that daily consumption of 1/3 ounces (9 grams) of fresh mushrooms women have the probability mass will be 64 percent smaller, and the protective effect of dried mushrooms small, only half the risk of lowering. If the combination of green tea, will reduce the prevalence rate of 90%.
Researchers believe that the substantial intake of mushroom can make pre-and post-menopausal Chinese women have lower cancer rates.
Laboratory experiments also found that the fungus has the role of anti-tumor, but also can stimulate the immune system protection.
However, an article published in "International Journal of Cancer," the latest discovery has not confirmed the mushrooms can be cancer, it has yet to be confirmed that the results of more research.

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