Saturday, April 25, 2009

Place of residence reflects the character of people

University of Cambridge study found that people choose a place of residence to some extent reflects the character of this man.

According to the British "Daily Telegraph" reported a few days ago, the study found that living in London, the British are the most diligent of all the British, the most creative and most outward-looking, but they are also the worst temper; living in Germany Wen County, Cornwall, Northumberland and Tyneside English is obviously the least easy-going, the most nervous; East Midlands residents are more responsible, and always happy. According to reports, the conclusion is that more than 10,000 in the British made after an investigation. The study found, on the whole, outgoing, talented people who are willing to go to urban living, to, do not want to be bound by the people like to live in rural or small town.

Jason sponsor research that personality and characteristics of different people scattered throughout the United Kingdom, but with the increase in population mobility, have the same characteristics of the people start to congregate. "Place of residence of a strong impact on satisfaction with life, when people think that their personality is similar to the surrounding people, they are most happy". According to reports, Jason had 600,000 Americans conducted a questionnaire survey and in accordance with the findings of the publication of a "personality map of the United States": living in the east coast were more irritability, depression, pressure; the residents of the west coast in the emotional more stable and calm and relaxed. Jason's findings with the previously popular "World is Flat" book, contrary to the theory. In this book, the authors believe that globalization will Friedman gradual elimination of regional disparities.

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