Saturday, April 4, 2009

"Healthy marriage"of the five characteristics

Each of the newcomers into the marriage they are eager to be able to a happy marriage, to old age to old age, which required both spouses to work together to operate a healthy marriage, then what is meant by a healthy marriage?
1, can be expressed freely
A husband at home said that he had a depression, there is no right of speech, because he's one to express their views, if not a little of the intended wife, the wife of his then ignore the small and large are kicked up a row, so each After the lesson, he would speak a little in order to avoid any unpleasant. He seems to give way on the surface of marriage to the peace, but the silence in relation to powder is more terrible, his wife and his feelings on this at home a little indifferent, and refused to begin to communicate with his wife.
One of the hallmarks of a healthy marriage is to both open-minded, there is no fear to express their feelings, opinion, and so dissatisfied.
2, know how to deal with differences
Married life, there is no spoon does not touch the pot along, have differences in marriage is inevitable. However, young couples, more inclined to put their differences from escalating into war, they never think about ways to solve their differences.
Unfortunately, in today's marriage, we see most often are the places there is a marriage there will be war. War to resolve their differences? Angry or upgraded to break into, even things not related to pull in, endless verbal abuse and personal attack ... ... normal again gently, this time ferocious performance and looks will consider the other side cheated, and you are the show itself has been .
Health business marriage, both husband and wife to study and summarize how the right skills to resolve their differences, not the skill, it will eventually become the collapse of marriage.
3, cherish each other's opinion
A healthy marriage, both husband and wife are created to benefit not only the husband and wife both have their families, both spouses must be respect for each other's views, even if you do not agree, you can set aside our differences and can communicate, but in no way can be ignored.
4, it is necessary to know how to communicate effectively
In a healthy marriage, both spouses must learn to communicate effectively, we must understand that the purpose of communication is to create a harmonious home atmosphere conducive to mental and physical health.
5, marriage is sacred
In a healthy marriage, it is necessary to know how to respect the sanctity of marriage, respect for each other's heart, happy to fulfill your commitment to marriage.

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