Thursday, April 2, 2009

The effect of other restaurants, vigilance can not see the sugar

Studies have shown that acid, sweet, bitter, spicy taste four of the most vulnerable people have to accept and feel the sweet, sweet-hi can be said to be the instinctive reaction to people. According to the latest in a health survey, the average annual consumption for each 64 kilograms of women dessert. "Sugar-coated bullets" hand in hand, ready at all times your body camped invasive and fat together, destroy the body healthy. U.S. can easily avoid this type of candy and cake for dessert pronoun equivalent to sugar, but some do not seem to hide the same food sweetened with "Sweet killer." This requires a pair of eyes that have a.

1. Carefully nutrition View list of ingredients on the packaging. Organic sugar and glucose is broken down into digestible carbohydrates, refined sugar than the harm to small. Add selected to minimize the sodium cyclamate, saccharin, Ansai honey sweeteners such as high-performance foods. For more healthy food oligosaccharides and sugar alcohols.

2. Low-fat and non-fat sugar-free food does not mean that. Some low-fat or no fat foods tend to add sugar to improve their taste Monotony. Such as low fat or no fat yogurt.

3. The contemporary pace of life of people nervous, to supermarket shelves on a variety of convenient cooking sauce in short supply. Flour Paste, tomato sauce, salad dressing and so on, provided there is half the calories come from sugar.

4. A lot of processed fruit juice than normal amount of sugar. These beverage sweeteners substantial increase in the use of texture, to create a sense of satiety and affect the absorption of other nutrients.

5. The majority of alcoholic drinks also contain sugar, wine are the most typical. Wine in the fermentation process to be appropriate to add sugar to enhance alcohol. After fermentation, the wine will also have residual sugar. Enjoy your wine at the same time, you also enjoy the same "sweet."

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heidi said...

wow! I never realized the difference with all the sugar. Very helpful.

skywind said...

my emai:, cath.

skywind said...

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Anonymous said...

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skywind said...

Oh, right. dr. :)

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