Sunday, May 10, 2009

Women's sexual appetite and her relevant

Is this true? Women's sexuality was also with changes in appetite then suddenly big small? Women's sexuality and their relationships have a certain appetite. United States expert on the psychological treatment of the latest research results show that: women's sexuality and their relationships have a certain loss of appetite, when they suffer setbacks or emotional problems, they would be crazy to suffer from anorexia or food disorders, their sexual life disorder will occur, there is no change in tuning.

Researchers of nearly 1,000 couples in the survey analysis found that more than 20% of women in the diet resulted in a time of unusual circumstances, at the same time also in the sexual problems. For example, women with anorexia appear particularly vulnerable to loss of libido, sexual pain, convulsions, as well as difficult to achieve vaginal orgasm and so on. At the same time, these women's lives in the marriage will not seem very happy.

Eating disorder with maniac women, afraid of her husband found that abnormal eating habits, will be gradually to avoid contact with men, and they do not want to establish a closer relationship between the emotional or sexual. These women because of the sexual life to avoid self-conscious, so it is difficult to obtain sexual gratification, then they will meet to look for food in order to compensate for overeating, resulting in a vicious circle. Therefore, the women to have better sex, we must first maintain a good mood, to stimulate the normal appetite, and to maintain a healthy sex life and make life happy marriage.

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