Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What dental fear encountered

Teeth, such as shellfish are all longing for, but on the teeth is not that everyone becomes aware of the facts. Recently, the United States "network site M.D." to cite the five little-known facts on the teeth.
What dental fear encountered1. Acid and sweet, as harmful. Sugar is not the only material damage to dental health. Low acidic pH value and the food, such as acid sugar, soft drinks, fruit juice, you will have corrosion enamel and lead to narrow teeth. Duke Children's Hospital, chief doctor of dentistry for children Massa • Cole said: "citric acid in food is of the greatest harm to the teeth." Grow as a result of tooth enamel in the decades before full maturity, so the teeth of children more vulnerable to acid erosion. Cole suggests that eating strongly acidic foods, recommendations and other food to eat together in order to minimize damage to the teeth.
What dental fear encountered2. Popcorn and ice the injured tooth. Human enamel is the hardest material, but easily broken. Dentists who hate the food is popcorn and ice, because nuclear is like eating popcorn eating stones, and the ice is brittle, and are injured teeth. Similarly, dentists do not support people to wear lip ring or tongue ring, because the metal jewelry will be hiding bacteria, so that the tooth fracture.

3. Any age may be lost teeth. Although some people born with wisdom teeth is not long, and even lateral incisor, resulting in lost teeth is the most common cause of gum disease and tooth decay. Cultivation as a result of dental fillings or dentures are often expensive than ordinary, many people choose extraction and dentures fitted. 22.8% of 65-74 year-old Americans are wearing a complete denture, and in Americans over the age of 75, this proportion is as high as 29.4%.
What dental fear encountered4. Fluoride must be appropriate. Although fluoride on dental health is essential, but if the 8-year-old children and the growth stage in the permanent teeth of excessive fluoride intake will fluorosis. Typical symptoms of fluorosis is white spots teeth first appeared, and then become brown. Unfortunately, this discoloration is from the inside out, so even if the tooth surface to remove it to no avail. In addition, too much fluoride porous teeth will. A common cause of fluorosis in children swallowed an overdose of toothpaste. To prevent this, adults should teach them to per-use pea-sized toothpaste to prevent overdose. Experts suggest that in children can not swallow the toothpaste to understand before the fluorine-free toothpaste should be used.
What dental fear encountered5. Braces easily lead to cavities. If you are wearing braces, it is necessary to pay special attention to brush their teeth, or braces around the residues in food, bacteria and acid will gradually enable the enamel loss, and the formation of dental braces around the stent holes. Corrosion even if the site did not develop into a hole, they will lead to "de-mineral-based," and lead to teeth have bright spots, the bright spots as the development of tooth decay may be black. Cole said that the tongue is a natural toothbrush, when people wear braces, the sense of touch does not allow the metal to stop their teeth with the tongue friction, resulting in accumulation of debris and decay.

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