Saturday, May 9, 2009

French people eat and sleep in the time spent on the most

Who take the time to eat up to sleep on? Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development of a survey conducted by the answer given. According to the U.S. "New York Times" reported on May 5, the French top the list in the survey.

The OECD called "social glimpse" of the investigation carried out in 18 countries. It was found that the French spent eating and sleeping in the time up to, respectively, and nine hours for two hours. Americans more than 8.5 hours of sleep time in the second, and known as the Spaniards used to nap the third place. In addition, France has long been a favorite food, the two-hour dinner time so that the food-deserved country. Followed by New Zealanders, the Japanese third. However, the Americans spent the time to eat, though only half of French people, but their obesity rate is the first in the world.

It is reported that in 18 countries, the South Koreans at least sleep, and only 7.8 hours; the lowest obesity rates. Although the Japanese people in 18 countries whose nationals have little time to work the longest, but they still can spend nearly two hours to eat, drink. Moreover, a rare rest of the Japanese like to spend leisure time watching television and listening to the radio on, these two activities accounted for 47% of the Japanese leisure time. On the other hand, the Turks and friends prefer to spend leisure time together. Response to the survey results, there were different views. French people seem to care that result. Restaurants in Paris, the French business Gilles said: "The enjoyment of leisure and food is the nature of the French. We like to slow down the pace, enjoy life. Fast food and sandwiches not prepared for the French people."

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