Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Obese may take away ten year life

2/3 American belongs to the overload or obese, causes its disease prevalence rates and so on diabetes, hypertension, stroke to increaseAccording to today US website reported: Through after 900,000 person of analyses discovered that the Britain researchers discovered obese may take away a people 10 year life.

British researcher and its colleague has analyzed 57 research, these research (majority from the US and Western Europe) have carried on view of 900,000 people 10 to 15 year tracking investigation, afterward they have also analyzed 700,000 death cases. The result discovered that will surpass the healthy body weight 40 pound or the more adult's lives will reduce for 3 years, they majority will die of the heart disease and the stroke. But these will surpass the healthy body weight 100 pound extreme obesity the life to reduce for 10 years. The body weight index result showed: The body weight index above the healthy body weight's person, the index increases 5 spots every time, dying rate will increase 30% early; The overload obesity, the body weight index in 25 to 29.9 people, the life will not reduce for 1 year; The dying rate lowest person's body weight index probably is situated between 22.5 early to 25 between. This findings publish in "Lance" in the magazine.

Studies of a Britain Oxford University medical statistics Professor Richard initiators to wear the request to believe that the extreme obese harm and lifelong smoking is similar. Another one studies initiator Oxford University's epidemic disease scientist Gary Whitlock to indicate: “obese may through cause the rise of blood pressure to cause the heart disease and the stroke, causes the blood cholesterol level to elevate, thus initiation diabetes”.

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