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In sex life 7 “the first time”

Mentions remembered most early regarding the nature, in us most people can remember the early evening - - to turn the woman from the girl. But if asks between you a most unforgettable memory, that will have is very greatly different tangled up - - first time has dressed specially for the evening, or first time will be very being pregnant with the husband “makes the movement”, even first time will encounter husband's rejection. In fact, the non-conventional condition's sex life instead has provided the opportunity which to you exchanges thoroughly many, also enables you to have “the team spirit”, certainly, is altogether is conniveeing “the nature” at lucky this matter.
In sex life 7 'the first time'He said “not” the first time
Before the marriage, the men “the nature” the interest is always fearless, why is this also, he first time to you said does not want time will reveal “afraid” appearance. 30 year-old Elyse said: “the husband first time tells I `do not want ' the time, I felt that is panic. At that time I thought that he was certainly in the outside feeling emotion person, because he never had to cross like this. I brought a false charge against at that time to his Canada, accuse him to betray me, even wants to divorce with him.”

The majority women take for granted thought that when which the man doesn't have does not want to moisten rank. But in fact, they were completely mistaken. The men also have the natural desolate situation, is only this kind of fact are very few is mentioned. Even if will be these year hydrogen abundant young people will also have the fall in the blues, is frustrated will be worried, but they like with a word being broad, that will be `is tired '!”If this kind of situation continues to surpass for one month, you should tell him him the condition not to be right, but do not rejects and you in him is intimate with perhaps two people are disgruntled for this reason, but when the second day in the morning has the breakfast said again that you may say like this to him: “we were very not already long in together, what matter are you the body uncomfortable perhaps have to want to tell me?”If he is also in doubt to his situation, must encourage him to say own feeling, this kind has a frank and sincere talk the communication will live to future husbands and wives is of great help. In the majority situations, the men in certain night to sleep are interested are very normal. He is the human after all, but is not the animal.
In sex life 7 'the first time'According to the plan conduct first time
“has the plan sex life to be quite scientific, healthily, but actually lacks stimulates.”32 year-old Jen said: before “, we nearly every night sexual intercourse, no matter we work busily. But now we became have plan. Usually, we work with all one's might, is impossible to have the energy past date to manage matter of the bed. We have placed the intimate contact and the romantic time interval Friday and Saturday night. First time makes love before the plan, we very desirably have made the preparation, I have bought a sexy underwear, but after he gets off work, was also gets in the home to make the dinner long time ago, that we were complete.”

Has the plan sex life in fact not to be much more romantic than the plan. You realize this belong to your time together, you may also make a preparation for this reason. You may early morning write to him open the sexy small paper, or each other one mutually makees love all day. This can stimulate you to night's hope.if you worried that did the plan natural this matter to be able to ruin romantically, that remembered this: For long, your sex life actually not is premeditated? After you had the plan, how did you know that you must always on Saturday? If which day two people did live in the outside hotel, wasn't how the intimate good opportunity? You usual will prepare also to put carefully go to this day “the practice”. The plan sex life means that you acknowledged sex life - - this isn't the most romantic matter?
In sex life 7 'the first time'“has impure motives” the first time
33 year-old Simone and her husband Mickael has many lucks to remember. They once altogether crossed on the starry sky boat love the river, but also once a night was overwhelmed with sorrow or joy in the automobile ......But they think unforgettablily, decided that wants child's that one time. The Simone recollection said: “excitement then was really unbelievable. Mickael said gently to me: `you want the child? 'I very surprised am also very happy, I thought suddenly we the sense of purpose - - two people in together not only need complete a time arduous exploration task, moreover also because of had the new goal to increase the new significance.”“our safety measure is with the life jacket, but both of us do not like this gadget. After the decision wants a child, we may fuse completely finally, this too has been together rousing, and has filled the mystical feeling!”Mickael also said.

Because although wants to have a child, but in can let the human together feel happy to this matter, but they “lover's rendezvous” the time is plans well beforehand. The marital expert believed that for does not cause “to want the child” this matter becomes tasteless, does not need to stipulate some bored rules. In the kitchen, in the living room sofa perhaps the garden, who can say not good? Must know that many children are in the bathroom “the creation”! If you really regards the child very much “the birthplace”, that has the goal sex life and pure “enjoys oneself to the full” separates. Wants to have a child in the room, does not want to have a child that to display your creativity. Does this is helpful in reduces the sex life the pressure, reduces these, because feared that has anxiety which and disappointment the child brings.
In sex life 7 'the first time'In the parents family's first time
After marriage you have been live, therefore had not always thought that has anything inconvenient or the imprisonment. Until had you that one evening which rests together in the parents family, you only then had the panic-stricken feeling. 33 year-old Consuela said: “our `made the movement that night ', in I beforehand `boudoir '. That night is really thrown into confusion! I have been attempting not to let the head bump into the wall, sends out lets the sound which the human worried, feared very much the parents will hear. That kind of situation is really both interesting and intense.”

The feeling which makes love in others family is different from person to person, some people think irritably, some do not care about. Many husbands and wives to make love under the parents eaves feel the taboo, therefore they pass the night in the parents family separate generally rest. If you worried that the parents will hear, that separately has had a good sleep, or will go you to the hotel, such comparison can protect own privacy. But if the situation is not such bad completely, you have the private dense space in the parents family, or nearby the parents family does not have the hotel, that bravely facing the reality, the parents also will understand you. Had not thought in these you the place makes love, will promote to the sentiment will be of great advantage.
In sex life 7 'the first time'The post-natal first time
After child quack quack landing, your body restores gradually, but if wants to seek for the original that kind of normal hope, as if some without knowing where to begin starts. After all, the pregnancy has consumed your energy greatly, if wants to restore, needs not the short process. Moreover the little darling cries for food, your where has the time to consider own personal life. Moreover, “the small watermelon” has stayed that for a long time in your belly, what is more annoying was he (she) also passes through from yours vagina, stays behind had once loved you to rip the heart check lung's wound. The ache, has had a child woman nobody does not worry this point.

Post-natal first time, Consuela felt that has one kind of stabbing pain, the feeling is not very good. Hereafter, after she observed oneself childbirth, carefully lower part of the body's change. This lets her be surprised, does not dare to let anything bump it. But after the husband knows, specially is each time gentle, but she as far as possible reduces the contact. Continued very long period of time, the Consuela life gradually has only then replied the habit.

“the post-natal nightmare” is not forever, each people could pass this pass. Expert suggestion: When you have feels, as far as possible concentrates yours feeling, but does not want distractive. The child sleeps, as far as possible many and the husband kisses the hug, restores two person's bodies to be intimate with. You may also make the full bottom massage mutually. Also, on the sofa is also the good choice. “the post-natal sex life is the pre-natal sex life extension. This is you are creating the brand-new life together, if this kind of happy life does not continue, what you also do want to do?” When you retrieve the original life with every effort, must wait for the body first to restore. Doctor said that post-natal restores six weeks to be able at least the sex life, in addition each person's bodily situation is different, you must leave leeway the enough time to wait for that the body meets the following requirement: Inflamed vanishing, the vagina no longer bleeds and the ache. Even if like this, must be careful, the movement wants slow somewhat, the scope wants small somewhat. Once the wound tears once more, you need to wait for a longer time. If has the pain, must quickly shout that “stops”. Certainly, if is only the very slight pain, should not obstruct greatly.
In sex life 7 'the first time'Heard that after the friend has the extramarital affair's first time
The human is the animal which will lie. When you knew that the diehards or father's Peru friend will sow wild oats in outside afterward, certainly will associate own marriage, will have one kind of crisis feeling. This is possibly a good deed. “perhaps you already a little `pulled up your hand, looks like the left hand to pull the right hand ', but this matter can stimulate you to pay attention to you the husband. Certainly, you will perhaps take for granted thought that he will be heartless and cruel with these `' the human is also same, but do not make a fuss over a trifle. Perhaps between you truly some people made mistakes, but if as for does not ruin the marriage, reconsidered you to lose anything. From this, you will possibly discover that actually you will be frail, you need in fact to be more intense than to each other. Perhaps, he in your here because own diehards will have problems receives implicates, or you will be instead more grateful he to your treatment. Also you will henceforth possibly become oversuspicious, he one late will turn over to you to be terribly suspicious and fearful, will cause him not to be quick and to be repugnant.”The expert said that “calm somewhat, objective somewhat, therefore do not stir up trouble. After all, that is his friend's crime, but is not he.”

36 year-old Lauren said that when heard that own friend have an affair afterward, she fainted nearly a top. “this lets me be filled with emotion. I compared before more grateful my husband. Looks that oneself friend has left, who doesn't want to go to consolidate own family? Moreover knew that this matter's that night, I and husband's sex life has been more harmonious, we thought that must treasure our intimate relation, we must be happier than many people.”

If your real suspicion husband is disloyal to oneself, or have goes off course the behavior, then this was turns on the roof louvre window to speak the frank and straightforward remarks the opportunity. Two people suspend candidly the question to the tabletop come up, communicates well, do not tow to incapable great power time.
In sex life 7 'the first time'The child breaks to rush to burst the first time
When Jamie is being shifty with the husband, outside the door has transmitted child's tootsy the crack sound which rubs on the floor. She stiffens immediately. She recalls said: “the son halted in the entrance, is blinking the eye, probably did not know that he must come to do anything. Thankss heaven and earth, at that time room Ritter should not be black. My husband's response makes me to be unforgettable until now, I had not seen he had responded such rapid - - he jumped, binds with a bed blanket oneself, then jumps down the bed to welcome the child to walk, the `pitiful treasure had the nightmare? Do not fear that daddy leads you to return to the room. 'waits for him to settle when the child returns to our bedroom, we have unexpectedly made a fresh start, and all smooth, probably has not been broken is excessively same.”

Because many parents worried that the child momentarily will break to rush to burst, but will very little have the intimate contact. The marital expert advised: “do not let the idea which this kind has groundless fears harm you. Although you do not want to discover by the child, but the normal sex life is actually the lovely time which you should enjoy. You do now after the matter will be the child in the future the adult, must do matter. Even if is seen by the child, you also do not need to rebuke oneself, must let the child most at least look that you quarrelled strive to excel have been more.” If you evening a person rest to the child did not feel relieved, may install a monitoring device in child's room, like this your see after children has been very convenient, can also understand him early “the whereabouts”. Ten year-old above child knew generally daddy and mother need to have her time, may tell him/her, if needs to be possible to knock on a door. If the child is not obedient, attempts to break to rush to burst, then you must certainly maintain calm. Because the age quite young child will break to rush to burst not necessarily will note you to do anything. If he has discovered that and asked that you are doing anything, to his/her said that daddy is hugging mother. But big spot child, once bumps into you like this, definitely in you will hug will hide in bedding's time (you to do this) has no more to do with to turn around to run. But if your family's young kookaburra stands in the room entrance does not walk, and reveals the look which loses, you should tell him: “child, this is a life part. When you marry after other person, also hoped such life.”

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