Saturday, May 16, 2009

White mushrooms can be the prevention of influenza

According to the British "Daily Mail" reports: The United States, "Journal of Nutrition", published a study that white mushrooms can help people resist flu.

U.S. researchers at Tufts University with straw mushroom in the ability of the body's immune study found that consumption of mushrooms can improve the human innate immune system - the resistance of the first line of defense against viruses. Glenn Willingham said nutritionist, influenza in particular, the outbreak of swine flu so have a balanced diet and eating foods to enhance immunity, it is very necessary. The study found that consumption of mushrooms can improve the body of the protein hormone similar - the content of cytokines, which enhance the body's immune ability to fight infection and strengthen the capacity of anti-virus. In addition, according to a study also found that mushrooms are the role of tumor prevention, eat mushrooms every day could reduce the risk of two-thirds of breast cancer.

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