Saturday, May 30, 2009

The gene difference may strengthen the opposite sex attraction

Each people in search in the life “the other half”. In this complex subtle process, is actually what factor has affected people's choice? The Brazilian scientists discovered that the people favor the choice with the gene difference big opposite sex are the life-long wives, increases descendant's gene multiplicity and the resistivity by this.

The Brazilian Parana University researchers divide into 90 couples a group, selects 152 pair of men and women to match willfully stochastically again, analyzes these person of between main organization compatible complex difference. The main organization compatible complex is an immune system's part, can affect the descendant health standard. Studied the person in charge Maria Dague Lhasa saying that through compared to two groups the trying gene material, they were discovered that with the men and women who matched at will compare, “husbands and wives group” between two people the main organization compatible complex difference was bigger, is more remarkable. Reuter quotes Maria's words to report: “if mainly organizes the compatible complex not to affect selects a friend for marriage, we will be obtained in two groups trying the close result. But we discovered that the husbands and wives group two world's differences are bigger than far anticipated.”

The expert analyzed that the choice gene and the supplementary companion were humanity's one kind of evolution strategies. The gene multiplicity stronger descendant resistivity is stronger, the body to be more vigorous and healthier, in the species multiply the superiority to be bigger. The researchers explained: “the gene difference big parents can strengthen the descendant immune system gene the multiplicity, sharpens its resistance infectious disease's ability.” Maria said: “the people usually thought the men and women fall in love the reason is each other is similar, but our findings showed that the existence difference's husbands and wives can give birth a more outstanding descendant. When chooses the companion, this kind wants to have the healthy descendant's subconscious initiation power to be very important.” The researchers will hold in the Austrian Vienna the European humanity inherits on the academic society to announce this survey result.

The researchers said that was not still clear the people to rely on any news judgment opposite sex gene constitution. They guessed that perhaps appreciates regarding this has certain influence with the face structure. “news and so on face symmetry will also affect select a friend for marriage, but this was still the guess.” Britain "Natural Genetics" the magazine once published the article saying that the US University of Chicago researchers have studied the female the affection which and the main organization compatible complex relations appreciates to the male. The result showed that the female usually likes the gene to have difference masculine appreciation with. The scientist also discovered before this through the animal experimentation that mainly organizes the compatible compound experience to affect some animals to spouse's choice, like the mouse, the birds when selects a friend for marriage can tend to the choice main organization compatible complex different opposite sex.

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