Monday, May 25, 2009

The scholar called male after 5,000,000 exterminates

The Australian gene studies expert Graves in May 20 languages to leave astonishingly, said that the humanity will welcome the feminine society, because the masculine gene is weakening gradually, the masculine community will exterminate finally. However the present people have not needed to worry, because Graves expressed this change will occur after 5,000,000.

According to Britain Daily Mail reported that Professor Graves when gave at the same day Ireland the Imperial Surgical department Medical school students made the course has expressed this opinion. In this named “Y chromosome decline and withering away as well as masculine future” in the course, Graves has mainly discussed the Y chromosome evanishment phenomenon and to the humanity the influence.

Graves said that in the masculine genome team must have a Y chromosome, in the Y chromosome has one kind of SRY gene, can promote the testicle growth as well as the promotion decision masculine characteristic hormone secretion. “300,000,000 years ago in each Y chromosome approximately some 1400 genes, but the present is only left over 45. According to this kind of weaken speed, after 5,000,000, in the Y chromosome no longer had any gene. The Y chromosome is withering away, what will the important question be will then have?”Graves said. But Graves indicated that the male will vanish completely, they will possibly look like some kind of rodentia animal such, even if did not have to compose the Y chromosome the important gene, they still might continue to multiply. Graves said: “the humanity is impossible the animal which looks like the lizard such to turn the monogenesis, because several important genes must come from the male. But the good news is, certain rodentia animal does not have the Y chromosome and the SRY gene. For example Eastern Europe's mole and Japan's field-mouse, they, although does not have the Y chromosome and the SRY gene, but can still reproduce massively. This indicated that certainly has other substitution gene, we want to know that is any gene.” She also indicated that her research team had already discovered some will possibly substitute for the SRY gene “the candidate gene”. “also will even have the possibility in the different population to produce based on the different gene two kinds or many kinds of different, the decision sex gene system. They will not be able to carry on the mix to reproduce, will like this produce two kind of different humanities,” Graves said.

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