Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Air pollution damage to fetal lung function

Swiss experts in a study reported that, when the mother of the suspended particles inhaled too much, the baby's lung function will be impaired.

The study found that the higher the amount of respirable suspended particulate matter mother, gave birth to the baby's risk of abnormal lung function on the bigger home lots near the traffic jams mother's breathing rate of births of baby faster than normal, 48 times per minute, normal baby 42 times. Research has shown that, in the final third stage of pregnancy, the mother of harmful gases inhaled more babies more prone to respiratory diseases. This may be due to the consequences of pollution gases mother's lungs damaged, causing the placenta to reach the speed of blood circulation of the lower fetal and maternal placenta is between the exchange of oxygen and nutrients in place. Another possibility is that suspended particles mixed with the baby's blood, thus changing the rhythm of their breathing. A third possibility is the mother's metabolic function to change the contaminated gas, checked the fetal growth and the formation of the lungs.

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