Sunday, May 17, 2009

Five never-perishable food

Food metamorphism are common in life, but also brought us a lot of trouble, if any of you a food never changed more than eating on the rest assured. Scientific research and practice has proved that honey, white wine, vinegar, sugar and salt foods is not degenerate.

Mature fresh honey, for transparent or translucent thick liquid jelly, honey, sugar accounted for the total 3 / 4 more, less moisture content, bacteria and yeast can not survive in honey. In addition, honey contains 0.1% -0.4% of the Su-inhibition. So the mature honey is not easy to place a longer period of time deterioration. However, if honey is not a mature or over-doped low-quality water products will be placed after a period of fermentation bubble, variable acid, not food.

Alcohol content more than 10% of the liquor, the role of disinfection itself. In a sealed condition, micro-organisms are not easily penetrated, and it is difficult to breeding, it will never be led astray.

Vinegar has antibacterial, antiseptic effect, can be used for food preservation preservative, such as acid stain. Comparison of vinegar long shelf life, but also by technology, the impact of raw materials. Mature vinegar brewing process better, with a good sealed jar on the ground, the year the more mellow the flavor longer.

Types of solid sugar.
Including the commonly used types of solid sugar white sugar, soft white sugar, crystal sugar, crystal sugar, such as single crystal. Solid type of sugar water as a result of the internal structure of small, powerful osmotic pressure is not conducive to microbial growth, it is difficult to be contaminated. Sugar are often used to preserve food such as sweets, fruit and so on. However, easy moisture absorption of sugar, if placed properly, the nature of change, will be of microbial contamination.

Major components of salt is sodium chloride, a very stable chemical properties. The same with sugar, salt is often used to preserve food, is a natural preservative. But the salt we eat, if not light and avoid high temperatures, take a long time will reduce the iodine content, but does not change the quality of salt.

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