Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We ate are wrong! Eats the meat to select these

Choice meats food has two principles.
We ate are wrong! Eats the meat to select theseFirst, a smaller animal is better. In daily life's best meat works as the number shrimp meat, the fish flesh, the goosemeat, the duck meat, the chicken, next is the mutton, the pork and the beef. The goosemeat and the duck meat chemical constitution very close olive oil, edible has frequently reduces in the human body blood the cholesterol function, has the advantage very much to the heart health care. The fish flesh protein absorption rate is very high, therefore to middle-aged person and old person particularly body weak person especially qualify. Eats when the small fish or the small shrimp must link a tail leader specially to eat, the fish head contains the phosphatide richly and so on human body essential nutrients, but the fish abdomen rich fish oil is to the bodily beneficial unsaturated fatty acid. In addition, compares with the fish, in shrimp's calcium and the magnesium content is richer, and in shrimp unique astaxanthin, has the oxidation resistance, against senile function.
Second, the color shallow meats nutrient content is better. Whether there is carnivorous and the depth can divide into three broad headings by the color: The first kind is the luster bright red or dark red, for instance pork, beef, mutton and so on. The second kind is the yellowish pink or the tender white, like chicken, duck meat, goosemeat, rabbit meat and fish flesh and so on. The third kind is nearly colorless, is mainly the aquatic shell class animal meat, for instance clam meat, oyster and crabmeat and so on. In tinted and the colorless meat's saturated fat and the cholesterol content are lower than the red meat obviously. But is exactly the volume smaller animal pulp color is shallower, explained once more a volume smaller animal often more has the nutrition, suggested that in everybody daily diet should incline to volume small fish and shrimp shell class food on.

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