Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Several seconds can change young 8 wonderful tip

Perhaps you did not know that a simple posture change will cause you instantaneous will change young, and may also alleviate the pate and the back pain. The following 8 wonderful moves will let the effect which you will call out in alarm:

1. sits straight
The expert discovered that with these sluggish, shrugs or the body compares crookedly to one side person, the good posture general meeting makes one look like young, is self-confident and is joyful. The correct sitting posture may prevent the muscle and the back pain, and may alleviate the headache through the reduced pate pressure. The exercise may cause solid which the abdomen, pelvis's muscle changes, sits backward may cause the body maintains stiff. If for a long time sits, the best every other 1 hour stretches a body.

2. each week has 3 sexual affections at least
The research discovered that these over 40 years old have the sexual affection husbands and wives the husbands and wives who are less than the sexual affection to look like frequently the young 12 years old, moreover their wrinkle are relatively few, skin smooth soft. This is in the sexual affection process sends out may the reduced pressure hormone function. Evening the sexual affection may also cause you to rest steadfastly.

3. repairs and maintains the eyebrow
We meet frequently naturally and relate young the thick eyebrow. When the eyebrow is also thin the youth, even if is the young facial cast looks like can also old many. The expert suggested that brushes with the eyebrow powder and the eyebrow causes the eyebrow to look like is also thick is also dense.

4. dyes brightly the hair
Dyes the pessimistic hair is truly one kind causes the hair to look like the young good way, but if uses double tone dyeing one's hair not only to be possible to cause the hair to look like has the gloss, health, and may also change your gloomy over 40 year old of skin.

5. buys a set of new underwear
We knew that can sag along with the age growth breast, but may not need to display. When has the sagging sign appears, buys to have liner's underwear. This will be helpful to will pull back with chest line to young when it will be supposed in place, this position approximately in shoulder and elbow's among. In order to guarantee the underwear to be appropriate, the expert suggested that every five years surveys one time the breast, if you are increasing fat or loses weight, surveys several times. This adds color many for yours beautiful appearance and the health. The inappropriate underwear may cause the neck, the shoulder and the back pain. The expert discovered that these arms felt frequently numb and the ache female after having traded the appropriate underwear, this kind of phenomenon will vanish.

6. trim nails
The newest research discovery, spreads the cuticle cream or wears the ring to be possible to disperse the people to the wrinkle and age-spots' attention, spreads the cuticle cream the female will look like is younger.

7. no-smoking
The cigarette can cause you to look like is bigger than the physical age. The research discovered that the cigarette will reduce feminine age 14.5 years old also to cause “the cigarette face” (ocular region and mouth department has excessively many wrinkles, face becomes gray).

8. has the bright smiling face
The people always subconsciously the tooth which and will turn yellow the gloomy smiling face and relate old. Therefore the bright smiling face will cause you to look like is younger, will be healthier. Therefore starts from the present, will swear off these to cause the tooth color deterioration the custom, like will drink the coffee, to drink the red wine and smoking. May also bleach through the specialized method the tooth. Certainly, must clean the teeth regularly with the use thread, this may prevent the tooth color deterioration, and may cut periodontosis being sick probability.

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