Saturday, May 2, 2009

Choice criteria: women will be cooking, the rich man

To seize a man's heart, first of all to seize his stomach. This size-fits-all. According to "European Journal" recently reported that according to a latest survey shows that men select a partner Germany, the most important know how to cook the other side; the selection criteria for females, is to see whether the other party to protect themselves. At the same time, the United Kingdom Yorkshire School of Architecture to a survey also showed that today, it is the selection of marriage partners, the most concerned about whether the other party to "return home", to be a good housewife or the husband.

It is understood that Germany's investigation was conducted by the completion of a medical journal. Of these, 45.6% of men believe that the spouse is not the focus of the face; 43.3% of people value the ability of women homemakers. In the eyes of the majority of German men, women will be cooking is considered "sexy", "charming." "Germans like to eat potatoes, do so many men potato mother always talked about food. In the survey, they all willing to work with, like a mother would like to do, potato dishes married woman. "Said the investigating officers. At the same time, 47.8 percent of women believe that a male can protect themselves is the best representative of a partner. 35% of the people's economic capacity will be men, as a standard choice.

Yorkshire School of Architecture of the Public Affairs Manager Tania Jackson explained that, in recent years, the economic downturn in many countries in Europe, it is more and more time at home. This husband and wife both a higher demand, can play the good housewife or a husband's role in the main, it has become married to the former, we must carefully consider.

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