Thursday, May 21, 2009

In the cold in front of men than women more vulnerable

Many people believe that men will exaggerate the cold condition, or to exaggerate the general infestation of small cold the flu, it is also a new term "man flu" to describe this phenomenon. However, according to British media reports, a new Canadian study found that men more likely to have "the man flu" symptoms than men because women have a more powerful immune system.

Female hormones to stimulate immunity

The researchers said that women will be estrogen response in the event of sickness is more calm, and not exaggerate the facts, a storm in a teacup. Scientists also found that female hormones help to stimulate the immune system of women to help the body in the first line of defense will be like, such as influenza virus out. Men than women in a strong immune system and therefore are more vulnerable to infection. Montreal, Canada, McGill University Health Center, Dr. Maya Chalais said research conducted on mice shows that women's "inflammatory response" is more powerful. "Inflammatory response" is the body's defense system, a complex, when faced with disease, will in turn stimulate the appropriate response to the defense. Researchers believe that women naturally secreted estrogen can prevent a gene is activated, and this gene cause infectious diseases in the human body and unhindered access.

Synthetic hormones will help to improve the immunity

Dr. Chalais research team leader, she said the entire team when they come to this conclusion "surprise." The discovery was published in the latest issue of the United States, "National Academy of Sciences" on. Directly as a result of experimental testing of a human genome, the researchers found that this also applies to human beings. Chalais the view that women's innate immune system stronger than men, this may be the evolutionary process, in order to protect future generations to shoulder the heavy responsibility of the female reproductive outcome. Trained laboratory a synthetic hormone can also play with the body's natural estrogen secreted by the same defensive role, protecting the body from infection. Researchers think this is how to enhance the study of human immunity and opened up a road. However, said Dr. Chalais men willing to use estrogen to treat the disease will be a problem.

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