Sunday, May 3, 2009

Eating too much salt, easy to grow wrinkles

French National School of Medicine Web site, experts say, salt to sodium ions and chloride ions exists in the form of human blood and body fluids in the body in maintaining osmotic pressure, acid-base balance and water balance plays an important role. Salt is indispensable in human metabolism of substances, especially when sweating in more physical activity, salt with sweat from the corresponding increase, we should be supplemented as appropriate. However, if the long-term excessive intake of salt, it will trigger many diseases. If yan excessive increase in body sodium, water loss will lead to facial cells, resulting in skin aging, long lines would be increased.

It should be noted that the normal intake of salt is not terrible. However, the French National School of Medicine, a survey shows that French people generally partial salt diet, of which the French eat their surface contains the highest salt content, and some can reach 25% ~ 30%. Secondly, bacon, meat, and cheese, the salt content is considerably high. Moreover, the French also love cooking and the habit of using salt water, which greatly increased the daily intake of salt. Medical experts have to remind you that eating more salt will not only result in high blood pressure, but also a direct impact on people's faces. To the skin, and more scientific way is to drink plenty of water to help skin detoxification; In addition, the daily salt intake not more than 6 grams.

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