Monday, May 18, 2009

Easy to anger the people of the time required for wound healing will be long

U.S. researchers found that easy to anger the people of the time required for wound healing will be long.

Previous studies have found that easy to anger, especially men, the occurrence of coronary heart disease, high blood pressure and a higher risk of stroke. The latest issue of the British "brain, behavior and immunity" magazine published a new study, the first direct assessment of irritability of the effects of wound healing time.

Ohio University, United States researchers said in the report, they recruited 98 volunteers, in his forearm to create a small burn, and then eight days of continuous observation. Volunteers are accepted in advance a series of psychological tests to assess their day-to-day frequency of anger, then by "anger level" classification. The researchers said that those surveyed did not include taking certain drugs, smoking, excessive coffee drinking people, not including the weight of people is too high or too low. The results showed that, for those who can not control anger, the test needs of a small wound over four days to recover, good humor about the people 3 times. The researchers speculate that the anger of the people vulnerable to stress hormone cortisol secretion ratio higher, it may be difficult to recover from their wounds reasons.

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cortisol is nasty stuff, sky :(

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