Thursday, May 28, 2009

The jade rice water is better than the movement drink

According to Britain Daily Mail recently reported that "International Movement Nutrition Academic society Magazine" publishes an American new research discovery, cereal foods and so on rolled cat gruel, jade rice water, restores the muscular strength compared to the movement drink change.

The researchers let separately 8 male athletes and 4 female athletes fast for 12 hours later, carries on 2 hour cycle racing, afterward drinks the movement drink supplement physical strength immediately. 5 days later, these athletes fast once more, the movement, then by the entire valley food, like rolled cat + defatted milk, jade rice water, substitution movement drink. American Texas University movement physiologist Lin Carmer indicated that after the entire valley food + milk more beneficial movement's protein synthesis and the muscle restore, may cause to cause the muscle-bound in the blood the lactate level big drop. The researchers explained that this was because grain food might enhance the human body to transform the sugar the energy the insulin level, then lowered the lactate level.

The scientist discovered that the entire valley food and the energy drink can supplement in the movement consumes the giant sugar element, but the entire valley food is more advantageous in stores up the more sugar elements.

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