Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The latest research that is not the role of prenatal education

The latest research that is not the role of prenatal educationBritish scientists of the latest research results show that humans and other mammals before birth in the depth of sleep, so let the fetus to enjoy classical music and soft speaking mothers may be a waste of time.

According to the British "Sunday Times" reported that physiologist of the study, Professor David Meller said: "Awareness is the first time after birth. We infer the fetus before birth and did not feel during childbirth." Meller, Professor of sheep (sheep has long been widely used as a model of human pregnancy) and other research animals come to a conclusion: As the brain and placental secretion of natural sedatives and anesthetics joint role of mammals in the whole pregnancy the fetus has been in depth of sleep. It was this conclusion that the previous years in the womb of consciousness and awareness has been formed diametrically opposite point of view.

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