Thursday, May 28, 2009

Found causes the alzheimer's disease sickness primary cause

Canada researchers said that in the cerebrum one kind of essential protein's change possibly causes the alzheimer's disease sickness primary cause, this discovery brings the new hope for the early diagnosis and the treatment alzheimer's disease sickness.

Researchers and so on Canadian Mcgill University's Greece Munder Bauder have conducted the research to one kind in the alzheimer's disease sickness influential role's TAU protein. In the alzheimer's disease sickness patient brain, this kind of protein quantity will increase unlimitedly, and will intertwine in the same place. Before the research indicated that the normal TAU protein only adsorbs 3 to 4 phosphate, but the alzheimer's disease sickness patient's not normal TAU protein mass energy adsorbs 21 to 25 phosphate. Bauder through studies the FTDP-17 hereditary disease to remove the phosphate which has nothing to do with the alzheimer's disease sickness. The FTDP-17 hereditary disease is causes by the TAU protein variation, its symptom and the alzheimer's disease sickness is similar. They discovered that in the TAU protein has one kind to call Ser202 the amino acid, so long as has the single phosphate to adhere to this kind of amino acid, will cause the TAU protein not to be normal, will then induce the FTDP-17 hereditary disease and the alzheimer's disease sickness. TAU the protein Ser202 amino acid adsorption single phosphate is precisely causes the alzheimer's disease sickness “the chief criminal”.

The researchers pointed out that this discovery enabled scientist's research to have “has been clear about the direction”, based on this was potential the early diagnosis alzheimer's disease sickness the method, even related treatment medicine. This research results have published in the US "Biochemistry Magazine".

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