Friday, May 29, 2009

Sex life thunder person danger Top8

Sex life thunder person danger Top81. Convulsion and ache. What is most common is when the sexual intercourse thigh flank or calf's muscle spasm, is also the popular name “the convulsions”. Occurs the reason is possible and when sex life the movement is too fierce and the muscle stretches excessively concerns.
Sex life thunder person danger Top82. To sex life allergy. New York University Medical school Gynecology and obstetrics department Professor Dr. Winner through makes the diagnosis after the multi-example sex life allergy pointed out: The allergic occurrence most is because does not adapt to the frost emulsion and to other contraceptive apparatus and the medicine, the feminine regular session feels the vagina stabbing pain, the cauterization. Therefore the allergy is not really to sex act itself allergy. Once has allergic reaction, but the water used, the wet towel either the paper goods delete or the syringe except the residual liquid, the frost medicinal preparation and so on, then takes a warm water bath.
Sex life thunder person danger Top83. The contraception has falling. Nearly all ever-married people experience the life jacket to burst the accident which or the vaginal diaphragm falls. Has such matter definitely not to need to be anxious, the correct procedure is: in 72 hours take orally two times afterward the contraceptive; If the life jacket falls off in the vagina, only need press firmly between the fingers its root to entrain gently then.
Sex life thunder person danger Top84. Pate ache. The pate muscle-bound perhaps pulls pulls easily to occur sprains, the available towel turns one to encircle around the neck, and the both sides is tight, supports the forehead to lighten muscle's burden.
Sex life thunder person danger Top85. The vaginal diaphragm cannot take. In the ordinary circumstances revolves the vaginal diaphragm likely to put on the shoelace to be equally easy. But sometimes the quite fierce natural movement will push to the vaginal diaphragm the deep place, so that will take out with difficulty. Regarding this, the hygienic scientist recommends the procedure is: Takes squats the position, then the screen will live in the breath contraction abdomen, the vaginal diaphragm to the extrapolation to may suffice the position, oneself will take out it.
Sex life thunder person danger Top86. The back sprains. Regardless of any reason or the posture create the back pain, should immediately the stop activity. The normal sex life should not have the ache. In the sex life backache sees in the back myo- group relatively weak female, the processing method is bows to lie on one's side immediately, between two knees puts a pillow, and partial cold compress.
Sex life thunder person danger Top87. Pelvic cavity hyperemia. The female when the nature is excited, the massive blood emerge the pelvic cavity organization to form the hyperemia condition. If has not been able to achieve the sexual climax, then the pelvic cavity hyperemia condition abates very much slowly. By now, you should horizontal, with a pillow buttocks barrier height, each time a half hour, daily 3-4 times, may help the blood back-streaming, when the necessity may take anti-SARS medicines and so on aspirin.
Sex life thunder person danger Top88. The sex life causes excessively trouble----Urinates the road infection. This is a common question. In general, reaches 4-5 times or the sex life time every week is too each time long calculated that in the row, the excessive sex life creates the bacterial invasion urethra even upward urinary bladder “excessively”, causes the urine road infection.

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