Thursday, May 14, 2009

From your feet to see your emotions

From your feet to see your emotionsAccording to the British "Daily Telegraph" reported that, in fact, taken place in our shoes only know half the things. History of U.S. experts Jen Hun said: "We have a 26 foot bones and nerve 3000. Basically, your health, emotional and so the situation will spread to many feet, where the show." Hun said: "I can not predict the future, but I can see through your past and present. Your feet I can tell everything." From your feet can not only see your pedicure habits, but also that you are happy . She said that a person in a bad mood, the walk will focus on the soles of his feet before, so toes will deepen the color of skin. Another testing method is to color the feet with this person more than his skin color comparison, if the foot is more pale color of his blood circulation problems, and yellow is a mood of irritability symbol.

In addition, from your feet you can see the emotions. Not only the feet can tell you the status of some cases, the foot shape can reveal your secret. She used an "alphabet toes," a person can take off the socks after 1 minutes, to say the person's personality. In fact, when you experience strong mood swings, you can show the whole body out. For example, the tension will start from scratch, neck or stomach show up, when you nervous, the big toe was purple parts will. Right foot on the second toe want to show something you are, if you desire to achieve, and this will be the root toes touch the ground. If it does not dip, or its third toes with the gap between the left to show that you are working from out of a bad mood. The fourth root of your toes reflects your relationship with others. If someone close to talk about with you in person, he was unhappy when the fourth toe will naturally vibrate gently. However, why is not clear that this instinct may be related to the contraction of the tendon. Finally, if the small toe on the starting callosity belly, then the responsibility of the person too.

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