Saturday, May 23, 2009

Family against cancer's several small wonderful tip

Family against cancer's several small wonderful tipOptimistic against cancer: Optimistic, open and bright can demonstrate the enormous system cancer effect.
Openes a window against cancer: After many building materials can release the carcinogenic gas - - radon and the subfield (radon decay material), after the windowing, may cause in the indoor air this kind of careinogen to fall the bottom.
Family against cancer's several small wonderful tipEats the garlic against cancer: Frequently edible garlic, both may block the nitrosamine in vivo synthesis, and may reduce the cancer cell.
Drinks the tea against cancer: The tea may block the careinogen - - nitrosamine in vivo synthesis, simultaneously also has suppresses the nitrosamine carcinogenicity the function.
Family against cancer's several small wonderful tipOften eats the vegetables against cancer: In the vegetables chlorophyll, the copper sodium have the antitumoral effect young. Moreover, in vegetables massive Vitamin C can block the nitrosamine formation.
Eats the fat against cancer: In the fat conjugate linoleic acid has the antitumoral effect.
Family against cancer's several small wonderful tipAvoids radiating against cancer: Does not let in the sunlight the ultraviolet ray long time shine repeatedly, may prevent skin cancer's occurrence.
Change food habit against cancer: Does not change the food habit may cause the cancer to send early, therefore food should be many and varied.
Family against cancer's several small wonderful tipFirst, in one day eats five kind of above fruits and vegetables: The research article explained the multi-food fruits and vegetables have the help regarding against cancer.
Second, drinks tea: The tea includes many kinds of oxidation resistances, the green tea includes the polyphenols natural plant oxidation resistance, may achieve compared to the Vitamin E strong 20 time of effects.
Third, limits the red meat ingestion: Not only absorbs excessively many with the high fat related, also with the colon cancer, the breast cancer and the prostate gland cancer concerns.
Fourth, limits gathers the animal fat full: Absorbs excessively many with the ovarian cancer, the breast cancer and other cancers and chronic illness concerns.
Family against cancer's several small wonderful tipFifth, controls the ethyl alcohol: May reduce the breast cancer, the colon cancer, carcinoma oesophagi's morbidity, if must certainly drink, drinks the red wine as far as possible, avoids the beer.
Sixth, eats big legumes food: The big legumes include the massive natural anticancer treatment material.
Seventh, movement: Every week makes three times above movement, may protect your health for a long time.
Eighth, no-smoking.

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