Saturday, May 9, 2009

Honey, a variety of magical effect

Nectar is the food given to us flowers, bees increase the acquisition gives it a natural color wizard. Based on the principle of unity of man and nature, which is very healthy natural food.

To promote the decomposition of alcohol absorption
Honey contains fructose a special, can promote the decomposition of alcohol absorption, reduce symptoms, while honey has a protective effect on the liver can repair alcohol-induced liver cell injury. Usage: drinking, the red is much stronger than a cup of honey water, drinking under the can.

Promote digestion
Honey on the regulation of gastrointestinal function, can stimulate gastric acid secretion, while enhancing gastrointestinal motility. Usage: In order to achieve the promotion of the role of digestion, it is best to drink in half an hour before eating honey water, after meals taking 2 to 3 hours it will inhibit gastric acid secretion.

The prevention of influenza
Honey contains a variety of enzymes and minerals, which occur in the body can increase the combined effect of the human immune system. When cold a lot of people around you, you can use honey to prevent colds. Usage: a glass of water, adding 2 spoons of honey, fresh lemon a day, taking 3 to 4 cups.

Special Reminder:
1. Honey is best to use warm water below 60 ℃ using diluted so as not to damage the nutritional content of them.

2. Diarrhea honey Do not eat people, or else they will increase the symptoms.

3. Honey Do not with onions, garlic with food.

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