Saturday, May 2, 2009

Study found that drinking more sugary drinks than eat more fat

Louisiana State University, a recent study confirmed that, compared with solid food, sugary drinks pile on the pounds more easily.

According to media reports on April 24, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, in the study after the first 6 months and the first 18 months, an analysis of the previous record of 1810, aged 25 -79 years old volunteers daily food intake and quantity of content, as well as the total calories produced. It was found to reduce the intake of sugary soft drinks and weight are closely related. The study also shows that 30 years ago, the current intake of Americans every day more than 150 calories to 300 calories, half of which are due to drinking a result of high-calorie drinks. Studies have shown that chewing movements did not drink, pancreas activity. At the same time, the human body to absorb solid food faster than drinks, but also easy to feel hunger.

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