Monday, May 4, 2009

Extraction will be lost memory?

Extraction will be lost memory?Swedish scientists recently released a study showed that when the pain when the teeth were pulled out, some people have been pulled out of memory. Since 1988, Umea University in Sweden more than 15 years in the period 1962 to the age of 35 to 90-year-old volunteers to carry out the follow-up survey of volunteers in memory of sound teeth and teeth are all extraction , the use of dentures memory of the volunteers were compared.

Scientists have discovered that in all such as education, age, disease history and other factors all similar cases, the memory of sound teeth than those who have been uprooted much better. Experts point out that extraction of teeth to cut the nerve leading to the brain, affecting memory. This result and, more recently, Japanese scientists on the mouse teeth and the relationship between memory and the findings are in line. Teeth were pulled out of the memory of the mice significantly better sound mouse teeth.

According to another report, British researchers found that middle-aged working hours per week more than 55 hours, even easier to put on dementia. Long period of time will reduce the overload of work efficiency, but also short-term memory loss there is slow response.

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