Sunday, May 3, 2009

An average of seven hours sleep per night is "the healthy" sleep time

British scientists found that too much or too little sleep is bad for the body, two situations can increase the risk of diabetes. They found that those who sleep every night 7-8 hours not enough people with the development of glucose into the possibility of Type II diabetes than those who sleep a moderate 2.5 times higher.

Previous studies pointed out that insomnia would hinder the body secrete hormones, people eating calorie-rich foods increase the desire to enable them to more easily hungry, and need more energy. Angelo researchers said: "This study is our recent sleep time and the relationship between diabetes risk, a continued exploration. We found that, even if the change in the body mass index and waist circumference, we have recently published papers to prove the sleep time is too long and too short a result of increased diabetes risk, but also has very important meaning. "

Other surveys have found that many people now have enough sleep time, about one-third of British adults sleep only five hours per night, or even a short period of time. The study pointed out that an average of seven hours sleep per night is "the healthy" sleep time. In fact, too much sleep can increase the risk of diabetes, may be health problems is about to sign.

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AD said...

i sleep for 6 hours or less on work days!
my mind alram sickens me!

skywind said...

Oh, you should pay more attention to rest. AD

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