Monday, May 25, 2009

The green tea ingredient may reduce HIV infection

Germany virologist confirmed recently, in green tea's one active constituent could reduce I AIDS virus obviously under the highly concentrated condition the infection, the researcher proposed the explanation to this active constituent anti-virus mechanism.

According to the German media reported that the German Wuermu University Hospital's researchers once discovered in the masculine seminal fluid in two years ago to have one kind to be called massively the starch type textile fiber the tiny textile fiber, this kind of textile fiber can catch the AIDS virus, and helps it to enter the human body cell, thus speeds up the normal cell infection AIDS virus greatly the speed.

German Heinrich Peite tested the virology and the immunology research institute virologist had tested one active constituent EGCG function which recently the green tea contained richly. They through the electron microscope observation discovery, this ingredient not can only prevent the help AIDS virus dissemination the seminal fluid starch type textile fiber formation, moreover can cause this kind of fibrilla in several hours to decompose, thus reduces I AIDS virus infection human body normal cell's risk obviously. However, Germany researchers pointed out that this does not mean drinks tea massively can prevent AIDS, because the above research demonstrated that only then, when EGCG density Gao Bing and the seminal fluid contact can produce suppress the AIDS virus dissemination the effect. The researchers infer from this, can kill the microorganism in the vagina ointment, if includes highly concentrated EGCG, is possibly helpful to the AIDS virus infection which because the prevention the sex act causes.

Now studies indicated that AIDS virus has two types. I AIDS virus infection is strong, at present has disseminated to the world.ⅡAIDS virus mainly in the West Africa area dissemination, its infection is at present weak, the symptom development is relatively slow.

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