Tuesday, May 26, 2009

“eats the uncooked egg” the injurious to health

Some people thought that eats uncooked the egg to be possible to obtain the best nutrition. Actually, eats lives the chicken fault very much, to person's health is very harmful.

1st, in the fresh egg includes the antienzyme protein and the anti-biological protein. In the former hindrance human body stomach's proteinase and the protein contact, affect the protein the digestion, the absorption. The latter can with food in biological element union, form the material which the human body is unable to absorb. But the above two kinds exist in live in the egg the deleterious substance, as soon as passes through the steam boiling to destroy, no longer affects the human body to the nutrient absorption.

2nd, the fresh egg's protein structure is compact, in stomach and intestines' digestive ferment contacts with difficulty, thus is digested not easily the absorption. But has boiled thoroughly the egg protein's structure becomes soft, easily by human body digestion absorption.

3rd, about 10% fresh eggs have the pathogenic bacteria, the mold or the parasitic ovum. Some guardians flush the egg with the boiling water to sweeten drink to the child, because in the egg germ and the parasitic ovum cannot kill completely, easy to direct the diarrhea and parasitic disease. If in the egg has the salmonella bacillus, will also cause the food poisoning. Recently discovered that on the chicken egg shell possibly has 0-157 intestinal bleeding backwoods coli, even if the fungus quantity are extremely few, if eats uncooked the egg, also causes the food poisoning sufficiently.

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