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Seven bad habit of calling most hurt ears

Modern life, science and technology development, manpower phone is almost a fast-paced work, let us every day and mobile phones have a "high touch", electromagnetic radiation is virtually silently in our physical injury, to that end, Experts advise people to call to remove seven bad habits:
Seven bad habit of calling most hurt ears1, private telephone, "said quietly hid in a corner"
Involving the private contents of the telephone, many people like to hide the corner of the building to answer. And under normal circumstances, the building corner of relatively poor signal coverage, and will enable the phone to some extent increase the radiated power. Based on the same token, in elevators and other small and closed environment, mobile phones should also be cautious play.

2, dial a mobile phone while close to the ear
Not connected to the phone call, the radiation will be significantly increased, and at this time should be allowed mobile phones to stay away from the head, between about five seconds after the call.
Seven bad habit of calling most hurt ears3, the phone hanging on the neck or waist
The scope of mobile phone radiation is a cell phone as the center of the ring belt, mobile phone and the body determines the distance between the radiation absorbed into the body level. Therefore, people with mobile phones the need to maintain the "arm's length from the United States". Medical experts have pointed out, heart failure, arrhythmia can not be the people, particularly those with cell phones hanging on their chests. If the regular phone hung on the body next to the waist or abdomen, which may affect the function of reproduction. More health and safety is a way to carry a mobile phone on the package and as far as possible on the outer package to ensure a good signal coverage.

4, cell phone signal weaker, ears affixed to the more recent
When the phone when the signal weakens, many people instinctively close their ears to the phone as much as possible. However, according to the working principle of mobile phones, in the case of weak signals, mobile phone will automatically increase the transmission power of electromagnetic waves, the radiation intensity increased significantly. At this point close to the ear phones, head of the radiation will be doubled.
Seven bad habit of calling most hurt ears5, "an ear to" boil "mobile phone porridge"
Studies have shown that radiation for a long time the brain may be affected. Experts suggest that should not be a long time using a mobile phone call, consider switching to fixed-line or by using headphones, if the time had a direct call using a mobile phone should also be rotated at intervals of about 12 minutes to answer our ears.

6, East West walk Huang, frequent mobile
Some people like to play when the phone unconsciously measured steps to walk, move around frequently, but I do not know the location of frequent mobile received signal strength caused by ups and downs, and thus lead to unnecessary high power launches a short period of time. In addition, playing in a moving car phone, mobile phones may be in order to avoid too frequent switching of the region, which covers a wider range of designated high-power base station to provide services, the transmitting power will be a result of the transmission distance increases.

Health using a mobile phone rules
Seven bad habit of calling most hurt earsThe first one
Call or send and receive text messages during the side button while not access other articles, in particular, do not access to food, start with the mouth care. At the same time try not to use mobile phones loaned to others, to avoid cross-infection of bacteria.

The second measure
Can be stained with the best medical weekly alcohol cotton gently wipe the phone keyboard, screen and other parts of the phone. If you do not want money spent a lot of love machine by alcohol "torture", but also can go to customer service through mobile phones, such as ultraviolet light or ozone to clean.

The third measure
When Call, the phone with the physical distance of at least 5 cm.
Seven bad habit of calling most hurt earsThe fourth recruit
To sleep when not on the pillow next to a mobile phone, pregnant women should not use mobile phones.

The fifth measure
Call when the direction of the law to transform the body. This will spread the radiation suffered by the body.

Sixth trick
Little more than send text messages to call. This will reduce the phone with the head of the contact time.
Seven bad habit of calling most hurt earsVII trick

Electricity when the phone quickly, the best do not charge call. Startup must not take charge when the phone: the phone did not encounter many people when, for fear of delay into the phone, open the regular phone charge. Charge if the boot does not carry out any operation of the mobile phone will not affect life expectancy. However, if the side while charging calls, send text messages, play games, will be on the phone, and cell damage. According to analysis, cell phone charging voltage higher than the standby time, if the calls at the same time, such as operation, in the call or the instantaneous voltage network will be many times more than usual, easy to make mobile phones a sensitive and complex internal parts are damaged, thus lead to frequent maintenance of mobile phones. Secondly, charging tens of times the radiation also in peacetime, it would damage the human body. Therefore mobile phone charger in the boot state, it is best not to do such operation calls.

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