Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Research shows that adolescents suffering from autism 535,000

United States Government under the mother and Child Health Bureau announced on the 1st of the latest data show that the influence of various factors, the United States the number of children suffering from autism increasing in recent years, currently stands at 535,000 people.

The Bureau in a report that the risk of autism in children age 5-year-old to 17 years old, year-on-year growth in the number of patients, the speed of a cause for concern. Reported that children suffering from autism has caused many families to the United States heavy financial burden. Children suffering from autism not only medication, but also psychological, social and family needs so putting in a lot of money and time.

Experts point out that children suffering from autism and genetic and environmental factors such as, but in recent years a substantial increase in young patients with autism there are two reasons that can not be ignored, that is, lack of interpersonal skills and high-tech development. In particular the development of high technology, so that an increasing number of children addicted to computers and the Internet, so do not want contact with the outside world.

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SSQuo said...

I thought autism was more of an inherent genetic issue rather than a social issue. But I do see how many social issues do crop up especially because of computers and now other social interactions such as Facebook and the rest. Its reduces human interactions.

skywind said...

Enn ... what you said is very insightful, thx for your visit. ssq

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