Monday, May 11, 2009

Research that determines whether genes irritability

Some cool-headed, self-control ability, while others may experience little to stimulate the furious, in fact, because they naturally hot temper.

German scientists found that genes that determine a person's character is the key to irritability.

Anger gene
Researchers at the University of Bonn, Germany, more than 800 were selected to participate in a questionnaire survey to assess the way they deal with anger. The researchers also conducted DNA tests on the subjects, testing them in vivo gene DARPP-32 type. DARPP-32 gene variants There are three types, namely, "TT", "TC" and "CC". Decision of these variations in brain levels of dopamine, and dopamine is the emotional impact of anger and attack an important material. The study found, compared to have the "CC"-type variant of the human gene, "TT" and "TC" more anger-based subjects, the amygdala in the brain they are less gray matter. Amygdala is the brain part responsible for controlling emotions. The researchers believe that, "T" gene to increase dopamine levels, "T" genes more people will become restless irritability. Martin participated in the study of the Inuit, said: "In other words, they can not as there is no 'T' gene to control their emotions as well."

Research report will be published in the latest issue of "acts of brain research" magazine.

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