Friday, May 15, 2009

"Men are not bad, women do not love" is not true

According to the Associated Press reports: People often say "not bad men, women do not love," but researchers have recently claimed that the United States, which may not be true.

University of Pennsylvania researchers Ovari Ecuador tribal study found that in this warlike tribe, the better to beat the man, his wife and son less. Ovari known as the killings, they were not only under external relentless, with the tribal people also often struggle to start is the anthropology of "kill rate" of the tribal supreme. Five people in their 42% of people die of internal tribal strife, 8% of people die of the conflict with the outside world. The researchers gathered 23 of the tribal region of men have experienced war have been interviewed. It was found that the more aggressive male, his wife and the fewer the number of children, the shorter life expectancy. In fact, Ovari tribal children are rarely able to live to reproductive age.

As for Venezuela, the same militant Yanoramy tribal men, the situation is just the opposite. This tribe of men more adept at fighting, the more his wife. The researchers found that, Yanoramy the number of deaths in the general balance of the enemy after the flame, in the new round to recuperate before the start of the war. Ovari and has never tired of war, they will be grandparents or even the war launched scores. The purpose of their operations is not a balance between the enemy and ourselves, but to wipe out the other side. It was learned that the study was conducted by the U.S. National Science Foundation-funded research results published in the "National Academy of Sciences" on.

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ahh one of those why men lie why women cry ;)

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