Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Computer coup eight radiation resistance

With modern life has become an indispensable tool for business entertainment, a huge convenience, it also brings to the deadly radiation of the skin, so many beautiful women all day long at the computer's skin is getting worse, feel worse. Do not worry, the radiation resistance of eight has been here a good way to look at it.
Computer coup eight radiation resistanceThe first one: to ensure a clean screen
Start a day before the fine with a clean flannel to wipe the screen again, to reduce dust above.
Computer coup eight radiation resistanceThe second measure: the most important separation
To learn how to use Isolation cream, a thin layer on the skin that allows the isolation and dust. For example, the use of whitening moisturizing Isolation cream, milk protection. In addition, the use of point features with breathable foundation, but also in the skin with the outside world to build a barrier between the dust, but do not use oil-based foundation.
Computer coup eight radiation resistanceThe third measure: the regular cleaning
"Electrostatic dust" will keep you in the face with dirty. Half-day off work, we must wash our face, wash your hands, according to different series of selected skin Cleanser cleansing the skin to relax; to timely take a bath after work.
The fourth stroke: the regular pay
Computer radiation will lead to dry skin. Place around a bottle of water products, such as liquid nourishment, Sophie (cool) skin of water, such as Essence, often to face water补补. In their own skin to add some water supplies in high anti-wrinkle cream and skin cream.
Computer coup eight radiation resistanceFifth trick: self-made anti-radiation Toner
With 1:5 ratio of glycerol and white vinegar applied to the skin, the skin can become so tender slip change, but also save money. Drink plenty of water, can add the loss of skin moisture, and promote the metabolism.
Computer coup eight radiation resistanceSixth trick: once a week deep cleansing and moisturizing facial mask
Deep skin cleansing and moisturizing. This helps shrink pores become increasingly large. Preferably by the use of personal professional skin care products, while paying attention to with the normal routines and diet. However, you want to shrink the pores become large, to improve skin texture, is not done overnight, all methods will be sustainable in the long term shows the effect of the use of only three days fishing net drying for two days is of no use.
Computer coup eight radiation resistanceVII trick: always drink green tea
Tea polyphenols in green tea has a strong antioxidant. Yet it must be noted, monthly physiological period comes after a meal and drink during pregnancy are not strong green tea.
Computer coup eight radiation resistanceEighth trick: always drink fresh fruit juices and raw juices
Fried without cooking fresh fruit and raw juices are the body's "clean agent", to lift the body of toxins and waste accumulation. Less of the toxin in vivo, the skin will smooth many.

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