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The man stays up late 6 big health reserves

Will stay up late the health loss falls the bottom? How when he can not but stay up late prepares for? works at night looked that resembled increased the daily time, actually was actually the senile accelerator. Is the same with the woman, the man also fears boils! Sometimes if stays up late inevitably, for does not let stay up late to urge to be old he the youth, you may help him to complete 6 health reserves, for him to be able not but to stay up late time draws out.
The man stays up late 6 big health reservesStays up late to overdraw 1: Skin
Senile performance: Dry, the wrinkle, the dark sore, color spot late 10 o'clock to 2:00 am are the skin metabolism most exuberant time, if the body is sleeping peacefully, the skin may accomplish a task with ease processes metabolism waste. If he is staying up late, the skin was also publicizing the pore, the outside deleterious substance absorbs on the skin. Will stay up late also to let man hormone level being out of balance, conditions and so on suggestion acne and dark sore.
Health reserve
For him a grain of compound Vitamin B capsule. Vitamin B is called “the cosmetology Vitamin”, when their association combat, the effect is specially good. Vitamin B1, B2 can promote skin's metabolism, causes the blood circulation to be unimpeded, Vitamin B6 can moisten the skin, slow down the aging.
The man stays up late 6 big health reservesStays up late to overdraw 2: Eye
Senile performance: The vision drops, the vision blurring stays up late when the most tired organ is an eye, because the eye muscle long time weary will cause the temporary vision drop. If stays up late for a long time, tired, possibly after some time boils all night, presents the vision blurring, the field of vision to have the shadow or to regard the color change.
Health reserve
Steeps cup of green tea to place him on hand. In the tea Lipopolysaccharides may improve ocular region's hematopoietic function, but also has the anti-radiation harm function. Besides drinking, the wet tea-bag which will cool binds in the paper goods, lets he rests when spread on both eyes which shuts tightly, is helpful the eye which causes wearily in the alleviation ocular region itches.
The man stays up late 6 big health reservesStays up late to overdraw 3: Stomach
Senile performance: The stomach hurts, the gastric juice, even initiates the gastric ulcer stomach is in the body to the timetable quite sensitive organ, stays up late to cause the gastric juice easily to secrete many excessively induces the gastric ulcer. At the same time, he is staying up late the smoke which, the strong tea, the coffee often uses to the stomach mucous membrane is also the bad stimulation.
Health reserve
1. postpones the dinner time. If he wants to stay up late tonight, you should better let him late a little have the dinner, like this will be staying up late to hit too will not be hungry, reduces has a night-time snack has also avoided to stomach's stimulation. You may remind him when 56:00 pm eats a sandwich, his dinner postponed naturally to evening eight - nine o'clock.
2. preparation healthy midnight snack. For example the blueberry yogurt, in a yogurt pair of qi bacillus and so on beneficial fungus can suppress certain harmful bacterium's reproduction, has the purification, to recuperate stomach's function, moreover the blueberry contains the cyanine - - anthocyanidin has the advantage to the eye, may promote the ocular region blood microcycle, the maintenance normal intraocular pressure, the alleviation vision decline.
The man stays up late 6 big health reservesStays up late to overdraw 4: Cerebrum
Senile performance: The memory drop, the slow reaction, the headache, the losing sleep cerebrum repair the responsible memory in the sleep the cell, if cannot obtain the full rest, this part of cells will lose more and more, will cause the memory to drop. When stays up late, means that the human body is responsible for the nerve which works in working overtime, the nervous system weary consequence is slack in work, lets the body have the attention not strongly, the slow reaction, even headache, losing sleep.
Health reserve
1. puts a coffee bean nearby his computer. The American researchers discovered that the caffeine reduced in vivo Vitamin B race's content, but this kind of Vitamin can make up stays up late to body's damage. In addition, although the coffee causes the nervous excitation, but the duration is very short, what moreover plays truly comforts the nerve role is the coffee bean fragrance, therefore heard that the coffee drinks the coffee effect to be better.
2. stays up late the fruit to eat the apple or the banana. The US researchers discovered that the apple can increase in the cerebrum the nerve carrier of heredity content, enhances cerebrum's memory. The banana provides the tyrosine to the cerebrum, it makes the human to be energetic, the attention is centralized, and can sharpen cerebrum's creation ability.
The man stays up late 6 big health reservesStays up late to overdraw 5: Immunity
Senile performance: The bodily resistivity is low, falls ill at night is frequently the human body produces the new cell's rush hours, stays up late to let the body continue to be at the consumption condition, the immune system resistance outside influences, patches in vivo organization's work to double. According to investigation, adult, so long as 3 evenings cannot guarantee that 7~8 hour sleep, the immune system possibly reduces 60% effects.
Health reserve
1. vaccination vaccine. If he always stays up late, you should better arrange him to vaccinate the vaccine, in order to avoid by the virus is hit in the situation which the physical strength overdraws. The vaccine is the best immunity stimulation stimulant, may strengthen body's disease-resistant ability, enhances the immune cell capture virus greatly the potency. Prevents the expert to recommend the vaccine which the adult may inject, including HB vaccine, influenza vaccine, pneumonia vaccine, measles vaccine, hepatitis A vaccine.
2. the supper eats the ganoderma lucidum gruel. The ganoderma lucidum has the anticancer treatment potency, can accelerate body's metabolism, delays the cell senescence, strengthens human body's immunity. You may when the supper uses the ganoderma lucidum to him to boil the gruel or the hot pot soup, slivers 1~3 millimeter thick thin slice the ganoderma lucidum, after the water used fries, takes the juice and the rice with boils, after or treats the gruel ripe, calls in ganoderma lucidum powder 5g.
The man stays up late 6 big health reservesStays up late to overdraw 6: Virility
Senile performance: The sexual desire reduces, the natural function barrier reduces with the bodily other organ function compares, what the man fears is the reproductive organ incompetent - - lets them feel close senile. Man in vivo is also same as the woman, has the periodic variation hormone curve, at night the hormone secretes this lowly, but worked continually has stimulated the cerebral cortex, forced the gland to secrete excessively many hormones. Continuously for a long time hence, will destroy the human body biological clock diurnal rhythm, lets man's sex hormone secretion disorder, therefore the staying up late function barrier's proportion is high.
Health reserve
Makes a bowl of trepang gruel to him. After cutting Large expanse, and the glutinous rice boils the gruel together, may supplement the masculine essence and blood, promotes the reproductive organ function, is advantageous in the stable androgen level, guaranteed that the body is young.

Should better not stay up late
Stays up late to overdraw to the body are too many, stays up late with it to be inferior to get up early, does highly effective decides the work. If must stay up late, suggested that the second day do not get up too late, after getting out of bed, flushes a hot bath, washes off exhaustedly, noon rests for a half hour, adjusts the normal daily schedule as soon as possible, do not need to form night owl's habit.

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