Sunday, May 17, 2009

More men into "unrequited love" quagmire

British psychologists muenster Buddha pointed out that unrequited love is more common than love. In the UK, each year more than 100 million people, unfortunately, trapped in a "unrequited love" quagmire, especially in male.

Unrequited love may occur at any age, but in the age of 14-18 is more common, because boys and girls is in love this time of adolescent fantasy, not good at self-control. Marriageable men and women in 60% of the people "unrequited love", and 20% of the "love seed" love of others may also be the annual meeting 2-3. In addition, more than 60 years of age when the elderly do not love.

Buddha Munster believes that the universalization of unrequited love, and is closely related to the impact of film culture. Because the film found love and perseverance.

Love of others it is poor people, but those who love often worried about the end. 70% by others, "love" men and women said that at first he (she) would be complacent for their own charm, but then gradually declined to a positive result of hard, a lot of interference and is very troubling, and even angry with myself. Fortunately, the "unrequited love" most "life" is not long, with an average duration of only 36 days, the vast majority of people out of the shadows soon.

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