Wednesday, May 13, 2009

30-second hand-washing method, the prevention of new-type influenza

According to Japan's Kyodo news agency reported that daily life not only for washing hands frequently to prevent a new type of influenza, but also in terms of all infectious diseases are effective preventive methods. Wash your hands the right way to substantially reduce the risk of infection. According to the Japanese Health, Labor and Welfare, etc. materials, hand-washing should pay attention to the following questions:

In order to avoid leaving "dead ends", watches and rings should be removed. Nails short is also very important. Compared to a lot of people will be touched to the solid soap, liquid soap is more appropriate. Bubbles out after 20-30 seconds with all the corners of his hands washed. But 30 seconds is a long surprise. Some experts suggested that twice to sing "Birthday Song" to roughly estimate the time, this approach is suitable for easily lead to feeling tired children. Must have consciously focused on cleaning the thumb, the back of the hand and wrist, such as the site easier to hurry up. Red with clean water, the use of dry paper towels or hand drying machines. The use of common transmission expansion may result in a towel. After hand-washing faucet clearance, we must draw attention, because at this point specifically may wash his hands clean on the virus re-attached. Normally should be given water disinfection, or hand-grazed along with the closure of the lead after the tissues.

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